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Going Mobile

Do you know that there is an increasing number of people who visit websites through their mobile devices? And 70% of them navigated away from your website because they couldn't find the information that they were looking for. What if there is a way to interact with your mobile customers and to retain them?

Creating a mobile site for your company can help you to convert your mobile customers into potential leads and sales. information would be easily accessible providing them with necessary details on products and services your company provides as well as an avenue for customers to contact your company for more details.

Wondering how you can optimize your website to cater for your mobile users? Looking for a comprehensive yet simple solution? At Morces, we are a mobile solution provider. We have mobilized sites for many organizations and companies around the world. You can create and deploy a fully functional mobile site in just a couple of minutes.

Thinking about going mobile? Sign up with us today!

Step 1
Register a Morces account

You are just a few clicks away from creating an awesome mobile site.
Register today on our desktop website today at Morces.

Step 2
Create your mobile site

Every account allows you to create up to 5 mobile sites.

Step 3
Customize the mobile site

Create unlimited mobile optimized pages instantly! Configure settings for facebook, twitter, email, call us, qr codes and many more.

Step 4
Put your website on mobile

Simply deploy your mobile site by copying and pasting the deployment code within the section.