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Morces Premium Plan

No time to build a mobile site? Let our mobile web experts help you.

Using Morces Build-it-for-you service, we can build up a mobile site for your business that is optimized specially for your mobile users to interact with. This helps to create a pleasant mobile experience for your users and convert potential leads into sales.

We understand some of our users feel like they want a mobile site but don't have the time to build one. Let our professional designers create a mobile site up to your expectations for you.

Get A Designer

Great Features

No work on your part

Analytics Statistic

Unlimited Bandwidth

Multiple Pages

Premium/Priority Support

Consultation with our Designers

Instant Deployment

One Time Build Cost

Engage Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, currently at Morces we absorb all the maintenance costs of our infrastructure, hosting and mobile platforms for our users!

No , even without a desktop site, you can still build a mobile site with Morces.

One of our design professionals at Morces will contact you via the information you provide for an initial consultation on your mobile website.

Anyone who goes to your site via a mobile phone will automatically be diverted to your mobile site instead.

Once the designing of your mobile site begins, you are unable to cancel your order. However we will do our very best to create a mobile site that satisfy your both in look and feel.

To ensure what you like, we'll provide you with one design change if the first design isn't what you like!

We don't provide a new redesign of your site. But we provide you with graphical icons for your mobile site.

We will be able to incorporate these free apps and should there be any 3rd party apps, we do it for you too!